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Q: Can I supply my own bar? I just need a staffing solution.

A: Yes, certainly. We would just need to ensure that the working environment is suitable for our staff. A poor working environment will compromise the service provided by the staff.

Q: I’d like to use Blacksmith; could I supply my own alcohol?

A: Absolutely, we would just need to ensure the alcohol provided would be the correct amount.

Q: What is the benefit of Blacksmith supplying alcohol for my event?

A: Blacksmith can arrange alcohol on consignment. In other words, you will only be charged for what is consumed on the day of your event. Blacksmith charges standard bottle store rates with a small mark up that covers an alcohol-handling fee.

Q: Would I require a manager at my event?

A: Yes, managers who double up as bartenders are required at every event to ensure that the bartenders can focus on bartending ensuring your guests are serviced promptly. Managers are required to facilitate the following:

  • Issuing stock
  • Issuing clean glassware
  • Ice replenishments
  • Staff management
  • Electronic budget facilitation
  • Event supervision

Q: I’m not exactly sure how many staff I would require for my event?

A: We recommend, 1 bartender and 1 bar back per 30 guests, and 1 manager per 250 guests.

Q: What is a bar back?

A: Also known as a bar staff technician, bar backs work back of house and behind the bar ensuring that the bartenders can serve your guests promptly.

Bar backs duties include the following:

  • Clearing empty bottles and glasses
  • Cleaning glassware
  • Ice and stock level monitoring
  • Cleaning bar counters
  • Bar setup and breakdown

Q: Some of the guests at my event are children as well as adults who don’t drink?

A: No problem, almost every Blacksmith cocktail can be prepared in a non-alcoholic variation.

Q: What is the difference between a professional bartender and a professional cocktail bartender?

A: Standard bartenders are capable of regular bartender duties behind a standard bar. Cocktail bartenders are additionally able to concoct cocktails with work flair skills.